The Great Paper Caper – Y3 playscript unit

If you haven’t read The Great paper caper by Oliver Jeffers, you really should! It is interesting to see how the story is told in the words and the illustrations together. He indicates dialogue in a fascinating way that really gives children something to talk about!

There is now also a useful video flick through of the beginning of the book;
The Great Paper Caper video flick through

The children begin by comparing the film version of a well-known story with the book version. The example is The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

Using the same considerations, they decide how to convert The Great Paper Caper into a script for a film. They explore the dialogue between the characters and how characters can show what they are thinking by what they say and the way they say it. Using forum theatre, they re-create the courtroom scene and recognise how the characters relate to one another in a play.
The final outcome could be a playscript, or a performance or a digital recording – either film or animation.

The Great Paper Caper Playscript Teaching sequence

The Great Paper Caper Playscript Learning objectives

Role on the wall – example

The Great Paper Caper – Visual Literacy activities from CILIP

Playscript and dialogue text type information

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