Teaching grammar and effective sentence structures – a course for teaching assistants.

“To know and be confident in different strategies …helps to ensure we are all enjoying the learning process. … You also reminded me how much I enjoy literacy and learning new things!” TA involved in the project

This course is delivered in school to  groups of 8 – 20 teaching assistants.  The content and sessions is tailored to meet individual school requirements to meet the following aims;

  • To improve knowledge and understanding of grammatical terms in the new National curriculum for English
  • To improve skills in leading learning
  • To understand how to identify next steps for individual pupils
  • To explore a range of strategies to improve individuals’ skills in writing, for example;
    • wait time
    • improvement prompts
    • asking open questions

The course consists of four half-day taught session in concurrent weeks.  Between the taught sessions, teaching assistants will be asked to carry out peer-observations to evaluate the strategies and consolidate new skills.  An optional whole staff CPD session to share findings can also be arranged.

“I am more confident and engaging more in the writing lessons. Actually I feel that I know more now about what is expected from children’s writing. I gained lots of useful information about the sentences and Literacy terms.” TA involved in the project

“ The TA has been delivering small group intervention focusing on sentence structure. The class teacher has noticed increased confidence when working with children and her skills in interacting and supporting children who are experiencing difficulties has developed. She has particularly developed skills of supporting child in finding an answer instead of giving them the answer and has taken on board thinking time.” Literacy subject leader

Price – on application

Download the evaluation of CPD package – TA CPD evaluation report

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