Raising achievement in reading

“Children who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school than their peers” (IoE, 2013)

I have years of experience in teaching children to read and developing in all children the  love of reading.  My knowledge of inspiring new books for children alongside practical and engaging teaching strategies will re-invigorate the teaching of reading in your school.

By combining a bespoke  package of CPD, subject leader support and peer coaching, I can support schools to identify the differences in standards and progress in reading between different groups, for example where a gender gap exists and how gaps in attainment and progress in reading can be narrowed and underachievement tackled.

Through high quality workshops and training sessions, teachers will develop;

  • their skills in the assessment of reading, including the way in which pupils’ phonic knowledge and skills contribute to their decoding skills and their fluency in reading aloud;
  • how well pupils understand what they are reading and the extent to which pupils demonstrate higher order reading skills and knowledge, such as inference and appreciation of style.

Using strategies such as Guided reading, use of multi-modal texts, whole school reading projects and development of an engaging reading curriculum, schools will improve the overall quality of pupils’ reading, including their decoding strategies, understanding and fluency.  They will increase the range of texts and authors pupils are familiar with and improve pupils attitudes to, and enjoyment of, reading.

This package will support schools in preparing for OFSTED inspections.

The framework for school inspection

Read the Boys’ Reading Commission report with recommendations on how to close the gender gap.

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Read Words for Life advice for parents about encouraging children to enjoy reading.

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