Houdini Box – Y6 Biography and autobiography

This compelling book by Brian Selznick provides an unusual and fascinating starting point for a biographical
unit.  As you’d expect from this author illustrator, the illustraions are wonderful, but it is the clever combination of fact and fiction which makes this an interesting read and compelling  introduction to the life of Houdini.  Not an obvious choice for this unit – but if you are looking for a change from the bog-standard biographical unit, this is the book for you! 

Houdini Box Teaching sequence
The Houdini Box learning objectives

Additional resources can be found at; 

http://www.loxandkeys.com/houdinidates.html  – dates of Houdini’s UK tours visit  which includes the Cardiff Empire Tour from page 2, and posters of his escapes



Original video clips of Houdini in action;

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