FArTHER – Y5 significant authors

This unit looks closely at the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal medal winner.

The winning book, Farther by Grahame Baker-Smith, tells the story of how a son takes up his father’s unfulfilled dreams of flying, and finally takes to the air.

Through the unit, the children focus on characterisation and make inferences about the author’s perspective on a particular character and finally write a new version or scene for the story in the style of the author.

As an extension to the unit, children study the other picture books on the shortlist for 2011 and decide whether the winner, Grahame Baker-Smith was also their choice to win. On the shadowing site, children can set up a reading group and post their own reviews or read the reviews of other children from around the country; http://www.carnegiegreenaway.org.uk/shadowingsite/
Alternatively, this unit could be taught in the Spring term when the shortlist for 2012 is announced.  Other book awards could be substituted, for example the UKLA awards, or awards run by local libraries.

Learning objectives

Teaching sequence

FArTHER – Visual Literacy activities